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We welcome pictures and stories.

Also use this option to send Discharge Papers

(DD-214) to get us started on your Tribute project.
Not sure how to make a copy? Snap a picture of the DD-214, as long as we can read it, it'll work.

Sourcing is very important to us. If you have additional sourcing information or you identify improper sourcing, Please contact us and we will immediately make the appropriate corrections.


 Creating a Tribute Page

 Here is where you start!

 If you would like to nominate a Hero to  our Research Committee,  simply  contact us with your nomination's  information. The nominee's Discharge  Papers (DD-214) is our best source as a  foundation for our research. Information  from the family, such as stories &  memories are always welcome. Of  course, a photo of the nominee in  uniform would be a great addition. 

"From every Era, every Conflict, 

every Branch of Service"

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We're a Project of VFW Post 10859 in California.